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FFmpeg is a complete, cross-platform solution to record ... of proprietary multimedia has fallen: Windows Media Audio Pro support is finally available in FFmpeg.

FFmpeg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
MEncoder, the encoder variant of MPlayer, which is similar to FFmpeg; MediaCoder, a media transcoding application for Windows OSs, also related to MPlayer

ffmpeg 0.10.1 - Downloads
This developer lists 6 ffmpeg front ends for Windows, why not a few for Mac? Is iFFmpeg the only one still in development for the Mac? What about Datura, is it dead too ...

start - FFmpeg on Windows
Aha, I think that what you could find here would help you about the questions.

FFmpeg on Windows
FFmpeg on Windows . The purpose of this wiki is to provide help on everything that involves building FFmpeg for Windows, and using FFmpeg's libraries in your projects.

Zeranoe FFmpeg - Builds
Zeranoe FFmpeg builds. Welcome to the Zeranoe FFmpeg Windows builds. Here you can find everything you need for a working version of FFmpeg on Windows.

Download Moo0 FFmpeg 1.04 Free - FFmpeg for Windows, an Excellent ...
Download Moo0 FFmpeg - FFmpeg for Windows, an Excellent Video Converter

WinFF - Free Video Converter
Official ffmpeg site with latest git. Help for building FFmpeg on windows, complete with binary builds. Official Libav site with latest git. Free Pascal and the Lazarus IDE

FFmpeg FAQ
Yes, but the Cygwin or MinGW tools must be used to compile FFmpeg. Read the Windows section in the FFmpeg documentation to find more information.

ffe - a free ffmpeg front-end for Windows, with full source ...
ffe, a front-end for ffmpeg for windows, enabling you to tap into its vast video and audio conversion capabilities.

FFmpeg - download tag - page 1 - Softpedia
list of all available windows software downloads tagged with FFmpeg - page 1

Building FFmpeg on Windows HowTo
Contents; MinGW and MSys; FFmpeg; What's next? Building FFmpeg on Windows HowTo Author: Guilhem Tardy Last update: March 15, 2005. The following instructions will ...

Automated FFmpeg Builds - FFmpeg for Windows Help
Automated FFmpeg Builds: The autobuilds have come to an end. (this is not related to the svn->git switch at FFmpeg) For fresh FFmpeg builds for Windows go to http ...

COMPILING FFMPEG ON WINDOWS 10/25/2009 The best Windows-compile tutorial I've found is the one on the FFMPEG Wiki. It's about as good as it gets, but there were still ...

How to install ffmpeg on windows - Waheed Akhtar - Project Manager ...
This article is about installation of ffmpeg on Windows XP. ... Let me introduce you to ffmpeg first. ffmpeg is widely used for media format conversions or encoding.

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