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Ogg Vorbis Player for Opie - Alexander Motzkau's Homepage
This is a simple, lightweight Player for Opie I made primarily for myself, so could incorporate some features, Opieplayer or XMMS-embedded didn't have.

Distributions - OESF
OZ/OPIE, Sharp/Qtopia and Cacko use qt/embedded. QT is a free (partly as in speech ... GIMP v2.3.6, tuxpaint v0.9.14 xmms v1.2.10 gqview v2.1.1 mad, mplayer v1.0pre3try2

The Ångström Distribution | Embedded power
I am glad to tell you that there is also an opie image for your beloved device. The opie image works fine except of the brightness control and the two extra buttons ...

News and Advice on Internet Radio, SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio, AM ...
The Radio Site at features information for AM, FM, HD, HD-2, SIRIUS XM Satellite Radio, Internet Radio & Streaming, WiMax, and Podcasting. In addition ...

iPhone 3G SHR #3 -
... base_conditional('OLDBBMASK', '', '', '(/(nonworking|obsolete)/)|', d) + '(mp3blaster|mpg123|mpg321|smpeg|liba52|lame|libmad|mpeg2dec|xmms-mad|madplay|python-mad|opie ...
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Everything about Zaurus
2) Xmms failed to play mp3 When try to play mp3 file in xmms, it complains with ... In cacko, this button will be treat as '/' by default, whereas OPIE will treat ...

Tungsten T3 Linux - YouTube
kEdAR Opie Linux na moim Tungstenie T3. Nied?ugo na stronie podanej powy?ej ... Cocoboot; Multitasking; Konqueror; XMMS; License: Standard YouTube License

OpenZaurus » SL-5600
so switch it off soft : opie -> suspend, switch back on -> hurray ? but no sound, what happened with the cf card ? xmms hangs !! Found out I had to go to the terminal ...

Sirius XM's growing Internet Radio strategy - Orbitcast
Opie & Anthony; Reviews; Rumors; SIRI; Satellite Radio; Sirius; Sirius Canada; Sirius Radios; Sports; Subscribers; Talk/News; Terrestrial Radio; XM; XM Canada; XM Radios

McAfee Foundstone Update
... Debian 5.0 i386 opie-server_2.32-10.2+lenny2 libopie-dev_2.32-10.2+lenny2 opie-client_2 ... Fedora Core 15 xmms ... OpenZaurus: openzaurus-users
... rom, but that depends on some Sharp libraries the author told me) (Now, > I use XMMS ... time I couldn't find an easy way to transfer addresses and diary entries from Opie to ...

Linux on the LifeDrive - - Cell Phone Forums ...
The crew at Hack'n'Dev have finally released a new version of OPIE for the LifeDrive. ... The clock still needs more work and some included applications, e.g. mplayer and XMMS ...

OpenZaurus » SL-5000/5500
Now with 3.5.3 and OPIE on my SL 5500G this was no problem but I am unable to install ... errors when trying to install for example ?konqueror? or ?man? or ?xmms?.

Uli's Software Page
xmms-winamp allows you to use Winamp visualization plugins with XMMS. x2divx ... From DOS to Linux, from Win32 to Linux, from SDL to Qtopia/Opie, it's all there.

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